Resolve to Keep Your Belts and Hoses Intact

One of the best New Year's Resolutions that drivers in Summerville, SC can make is to follow their vehicle manufacturer recommendations about servicing their hoses and belts. Have you noticed any puddles of fluid on the ground after parking your car? Are there any strange whistling or whirring noises when you start the engine or get underway? You may be in danger of having an essential belt or hose break, crack or tear, putting your car's entire performance at risk.

At our Ford service station, giving our customers the highest quality of service and attention to detail in our service department is our top priority. We know that as belts and hoses attached to your radiator, alternator, power steering, water pump and other automobile systems age, they are subject to rust, leaks and cracks. Don't get caught by surprise. Call to schedule a belt and hose inspection at our Summerville Ford service department.

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