Understanding Your Car's Many Filters

Cars have lots of different filters. You have an oil filter, which helps remove debris from your engine oil. Fuel filters which do the same for your gasoline. And finally air filters which help remove particulates and other pollution from the air before being used in your engine or cabin. Air filters are some of the most affordable and easy to replace filters on a vehicle, and we can help you with both here at Summerville Ford.

Just like a water filter many of use at home, when air filters become dirty or clogged they can become less efficient or effective in cleaning the air. You wouldn't drink a dirty glass of water, so don't breathe in a dirty breath of air, or let your car do the same. We here at Summerville Ford can make sure every breath you take is as clean and full as possible by replacing your air filters today. So bring it on in for friendly and fast service.

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