Can You Freeze Chewing Gum Out of Your Floor Mats?

There's a "car hack" circulating around the internet that says you can remove bubblegum from your vehicle's carpeting by freezing it. Gum follows wart rules now, apparently.

Like many hacks, however, this one may not work as well as advertised.

In a recent video, Autoblog tested out the gum-freezing trick on a car floor mat. They used a plastic sandwich bag filled with a few ice cubes, and laid it on the gum. After about three minutes, sure enough, the gum was frozen and no longer sticky to touch—a good start. But when it came to the critical step of pulling the solid wad of gum out of the carpet, the top half snapped off, leaving behind plenty of gum that couldn't be removed.

Instead of trying this failed hack, go with the proven WD-40 gum-removal method. Or just buy new floor mats from our parts and accessories department.

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